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June Safety Newsletter


Summer Safety Reminder

~All students must come to school in closed toe shoes to ensure safe and pleasant day as the classes will spend time outdoors, go on walking trips, and play on mulch and other natural surfaces. On water play/pool days, water shoes or flip flops are allowed only for the duration of that activity.  Students may not participate in outdoor activities due to safety concerns if they are not wearing closed toe shoes.

~ Sunscreen and bug spray must have a signed authorization form, and must be labeled (first and last name) before bringing to the teacher.

~Children are encouraged to bring water bottles to school for outdoor play. Please understand that the containers must have the child’s first and last name in order to avoid mix up and cross contamination within students.

Water Play Days

–      Please bring children dressed in their bathing suit, with applied sunscreen, towel, and closed toe water shoes.

–      All water play occurs during their morning outside time on scheduled days. Please bring students to school at least 30 mins prior in order for teachers to ensure children are prepared.

–      Extra pair of dry clothes and underwear/pull ups must be provided for children to change afterwards.

–      Please do not bring any water toys school, as Chesterbrook will provide creative activities during the time for children to enjoy a safe time.

Water Play Schedule: Students must arrive in bathing suits

Monday: Toddlers

Tuesday: Beginners

Wednesday: Intermediates

Thursday: Pre-K 1

Pool Days:  Students must arrive in bathing suits by 9:15am

Monday: Juniors (PK-2)

Tuesday: Seniors

Field Trip Days: Students must arrive to school with packed lunch by 9:15am

Wednesday: Juniors

Thursday: Seniors

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