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July 2015

Welcome Summer 2015

It’s officially July, and summer camp has been in full swing for two weeks! We have already packed a lot of fun and excitement into our first two weeks – and the remainder of summer certainly promises to deliver much of the same.

As with all seasons, this summer is no different in that we are seeing some change at CBA – most notably the loss of our dear Ms. Shawn & Ms. Kristin – who we sent off this past week with some reservation, but also with our most heartfelt best wishes. We hope they will come back to visit very soon!

Summer is full STEAM ahead with a huge range of science, technology and art trips and projects underway – just this week alone we have a new art display and science fair. Be sure to take a moment to visit the evidence of your students hard work and dedication to their studies – it is very impressive!

Two important reminders for the month:
We have removed all Water Park visits from our summer camp calendar due to safety concerns. These field trips have been replaced with different activities, and updated calendars are available outside of your classrooms or via the front office.

CBA will be CLOSED on Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.

Over the coming month we will be focusing on learning through our senses, tools and challenges and also a sports academy extravaganza. As always, a fun and busy month is planned

We hope that you and your families enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend with friends and family – and we look forward to the remainder of our month here at CBA!
As always, should you have any questions please let us know.

Kind Regards,
Ms. Rebecca

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