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January Happenings



Happy new yearThe hustle and bustle is over in the stores from the holiday season, but January begins one of our busiest times at the school.  Come to think of it any time there are children involved it is busy!  We will be hosting an open house for new families on January 23rd.  This is a great time to share with family, friends and coworkers about our school.  We have a great incentive for our families who refer others and would love nothing more than to share free tuition dollars with you. Check in the office for details related to the referral program.

This month we may begin seeing snowy weather.  We try to keep business operations as normal as possible, but are mindful that safety is a priority for the children and our staff.  In the case of inclement weather we will use local media to announce delayed openings or closures. In addition we will post on the front page of our school website the same information. Decisions related to closing or delaying an opening are not typically made prior to 5:30 a.m.  On a rare occasion we do close early. We will send out notifications via email, local media, and begin making phone calls to our families. We do not operate on Charlotte Mecklenburg School closing procedures.

In December we sent out a reminder of safe arrival and departure procedures.  We chose to delay passing out the information until after the holiday.  We will pass the arrival and departure policy out to all children and ask that you sign and return it to the office.  Safety of the children is always important. Please help us be alert and keep our children safe.



Parent Reminder

Each year the state requires all child care centers to submit an immunization report showing that your child has be vaccinated as required by state and federal guidelines.  If you have not submitted a copy of your child’s most recent immunization report please do so by January 8th so our records will be accurate.  If you have opted to not follow the immunization schedule, you must speak with a member of our management team immediately.



Time to kick off a new season of in house school ancillary programs.  Save time by allowing your child to participate in an enrichment program while attending school with us. We offer the following programs:

Music For Little Ones

Jump Bunch

Soccer Shots

Dance Divas

Registration forms are available in the front office for each program and payment directions as well.



The annual Parent Survey will be released this month!  We hear every day how pleased our families are and now it is time to let our corporate office to share in the good news!  Just for fun I put together some facts that related to our school.

Did You Know! 

Our school received a $34,000 grant Rewarding for Excellence. The funds are used to support training and education of our staff and enhancing classroom materials.

We had 50% of our staff enrolled in college courses in 2015. A great way to ensure we are teaching 21st Century Materials!

The school maintained a 5 star rating with the State of North Carolina! The highest star rating a school can hold in Early Child Care!

We had 3 staff members attend Healthy Future Workshop training to increase the awareness of quality nutrition at our school.  We changed our menu to add fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grain products, low sugar content, and introduced the children to variety of new items such as Humus with Pita Bread.

We served over 1000 gallons of milk in our school.

We added new menu items to increase the variety of foods offered.  Homemade Chicken Pot Pie,  Soft Whole Wheat Baked Pretzels,  Romaine Lettuce for Salads,  and Whole Grain Tortilla for wraps just to name a few.

We gave back over $5000 in tuition dollars to families who referred a new family to our school.  Through our Ambassador program and other offers in 2015 we were able to thank those who shared the great happenings at Chesterbrook Academy

10,000 lady bugs were released on Earth Day by the children and staff!

Summer Camp we hosted 12 weeks of in house activities in all classrooms.  The summer camp fee remained the same in 2015 as it had in 2014 to help our families budget.  Swimming was added for our Pre K 2 students and water play was a weekly option.  Each camper received a Free Camp Shirt as part of the summer camp fee!

Early Bird Registration was offered reducing the cost by 50% for our current families! We allowed all current families to secure their child’s placement for the fall.  This was very popular and will be offered again soon!

TECHNOLOGY!!!!  We purchased 4 ipods for the school to be used in delivering Parent Communication! Our school ranked in the top 3 for distributing parent shares to our families.  More technology is coming in 2016 with a new program and purchase of ipads for our preschool classroom.

We hear you and we delivered by introducing credit cards as a form of payment accepted at our school.  If you haven’t taken advantage of this method of payment stop in the office to set up your account and learn the details!  We continue to offer ACH and personal checks.

My door is always open to discuss any concern you may have, while the survey is a tool to learn where we are great and where we can do better it doesn’t allow you to be detailed.  Come speak to me regarding any matter or way we can better assist you!



Book Fair is Coming!!!!

We will open the Scholastic Book Fair on January 29th.  The event will be open during school hours.  We can take debit/credit card as a form of payment.  Teachers will post their wish list on their doors if you would like to gift a book to your child’s classroom.  Volunteers are needed each evening to help take payments.  See the sign up sheet in the office the week prior to the event.

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