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Advanc-ED Accreditation and the Benefits to Our Students

We are very proud to be a school with a clear vision and mission, dedicated to continuous improvement. In the Spring of 2015, the External Accreditation Team visited us and, as a result of their report, we were duly accredited by their fine institution.

What does our AdvancED National Accreditation status mean to you?

Children who receive high-quality early childhood education are better prepared to succeed in elementary and secondary classrooms.

Those children who actively engage in early learning programs:

  • are more social,
  • earn better grades,
  • require less or need no special education instruction later in school,
  • improve their attention spans,
  • are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college,
  • exhibit fewer behavioral problems and
  • are less likely to become involved with crime in later years.

But more importantly, these children are better positioned for long term success.

You can be assured that early learning schools awarded AdvanceED Accreditation not only meet educational standards, but also provide the safe, encouraging and nurturing environment so critical to the development of young children. *

*For more information please visit www.advanc-ed.org

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