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Principals Letter, April

Dear Chesterbrook Academy Families,

Spring has Sprung!

This month we will be celebrating Week of the Young Child with special events and activities for our students all designed to celebrate the uniqueness of our children – it is always a highly enjoyable week for staff and students alike!

Specifically, here is what we will be focusing on each day:

Monday, April 11th : Music Monday

Each classroom will be participating in a fun sing-a-long with their peers and  dancing to age appropriate songs throughout the day.

Tuesday, April 12th: Taco Tuesday We will be promoting healthy eating. We will be learning about nutrition and proper portions. Children two and up will be creating their own taco for lunch. Wednesday, April 13th: Work together

Our students will be working together to create unique structures out of various objects. We will be focusing on team work and the importance of getting along.

Thursday, April 14th: Artsy Thursday

Every child will be given an opportunity to create their own master piece with various materials. Our students will enjoy this occasion to allow their creativity to flourish.

Friday, April 15th: Family BBQ

We will end our week of celebrating our young children by honoring the families from which they came! Join us for a fun family BBQ from 5-6 pm.


Your Principal,

Christina Contaldi


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