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July and August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Chesterbrook Parents,

Welcome to summer camp at Chesterbrook Academy in Washington Township. We would first like to thank everyone who was able to make it to our Pre-K & Kindergarten graduation ceremony last month. We have lots of..

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From our Education Department

Introducing Democracy & Patriotism to Preschoolers

The Fourth of July and election season are upon us, and political communications are becoming more and more present in our lives. Your child probably has begun to notice campaign stickers, television commercials, and news coverage about the election. He might already be asking questions such as, “Who is the[.....]
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How to Handle "I'm Bored"

Children today are more scheduled than ever before. Their days are filled with activities such as camp, sports, dance classes and music lessons. When there is nothing else scheduled to do, many children find it challenging to fill up their spare time. This summer, you’ve probably heard your child say[.....]
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