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June 2018 Newsletter

Thank you so much for the many gestures of kindness during Teacher Appreciation Week last month.  We value your involvement and thoughtfulness.  We were excited to celebrate our parents in our appreciation weeks as well.  You help us be a great school!  Celebrating our Mothers was also very special, and we hope you had fun with your child for afternoon tea.  Lastly, a highlight of the month was watching the amazement as we released our butterflies.

One last school year activity is our big graduation day on Thursday, June 7, 2018.  Pre-K2 students have been working hard to showcase their accomplishments with some special songs as they ready for the big transition to Kindergarten.

June is an exciting time of transition for all students.  As many of our students are moving “up” to another class, some of our staff will make the transitions as well.  Be sure to check out staff board for great changes and to read a little about each.  Each is asked to introduce herself to ensure you can put that face with the name.

Summer Camp Schedules are out!  Be sure to check the summer camp schedule for your child’s water play day and other great events and visitors.  Our big “Kids Helping Kids” initiative will be multi-faceted events to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics.  Stay tuned for those details.  Camp shirts should arrive by Friday and we ask that your child wear his/her camp shirt on visitor days.  Be ready for many great updates and photos through our Links 2 Home.


Enjoying summer out of town? Be sure to notify us of your intentions so that schedules and billing can be properly reflected.  Using your vacation week credit?  Be sure to notify us of that as well.


Mr. Nick (our karate teacher) has begun a new initiative called Lil’ Sports.  Lil’ Sports is a half hour, well-planned and coordinated program of sports and exercise designed for ages 2 and up.  He will be providing a free demo on Wednesday, June 6 at 3:30 p.m. for all eligible students.


Other important dates:


New soccer shots session – June 19 – August 21 for $135

Lil Sports – Wednesdays at 9:30 for $12/week (pay for a month at a time)


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