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April News

The end of March and the month of April, have brought on a scary new world for all of us.  During this pandemic with the Corona Virus, we have all had to change our lifestyles.  From commuting to work to working at home,  from taking the children to school to now teaching the children at home, from social activities and extracurricular activities to only virtual interactions.  Many of us are adapting or adjusting for the time being.  I have not spoken to one person that does not want the “normal” back in their life.  The freedom to travel, commute, go to the store safely, or socialize.  It is in these times that we learn how truly gifted we are with what we have and the ability we have to live a life with freedom.

Please know that as these trying times are amongst all of us.  The Chesterbrook Academy community is standing strong as the teachers adjust to online Distance Learning, communicating with their families, and supporting each other virtually.   We are all eagerly awaiting the day we can open our doors, welcome everyone back into our school, including some new families and friends and get back to what we consider “normal”.

As we socially distance ourselves during our daily lives, know that virtually we are all here for our parents and students, as well as those in our community!   Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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