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March Newsletter

A Note From Our Principal

February was a great month at our school! In anticipation of spring, our teachers are busy planning meaningful learning activities that will help students gain an appreciation for the changing seasons. In order to make the most of the next few months we will be spending extra time outdoors so our students can interact with nature. Please make sure your child has weather appropriate outerwear for school each day.




Vacation Reminders 

Heading out of town for Spring Break? Please let us know if you are planning on using your vacation time this month.


Summer Camp

We’re designing the perfect summer camp for your child complete with all the fun, enriching activities they love, and the important safety measures you expect. Save the Date: Registration Opens March 15th!


Parent Referral Bonus

Do you know a colleague who has recently had a baby, a friend in need of care who just relocated to the area, or a family member who is seeking a new preschool for their child? We are scheduling tour appointments for our next Open House on Saturday, March 20 to meet with the friends of our currently enrolled families. When you refer a friend and they enroll, you’re eligible for a free week of tuition.  Ask us for details!


Important Dates 

March 1st-5th- National Read Across America Spirit Week

March 8th- National Women’s Day (wear purple)

March 14th – Daylight Savings Time

March 15th – Summer Camp registration opens

March 17th- St. Patrick’s Day (wear green)

March 20th – Open House at 10 a.m.

March 29th- Holi “Festival of Colors” (wear lots of colors)

March 31st– Parent folders go home


New On Our Preschool Blog 

5 Fun Ways to Practice Letter Recognition With Your Preschooler

March is National Reading Month! Although we explore language and literacy all year, we have many special activities planned for our students this month. In our schools, children will reenact their favorite books, discover new characters, sing songs, practice vocabulary and much more.

Letter recognition is a core part of foundational literacy. It’s a skill that helps children figure out how printed text is associated with spoken language. Below are a few simple, easy to prepare activities you can do at home to help build a successful, confident reader.

  1. Bean Bag Toss

Label a few buckets or bins each with a different letter. Provide your child with bean bags or small balls. Call out a letter and encourage them to toss the bean bag or ball into the correct bucket. This activity builds letter recognition, coordination and endurance.

  1. Book Letter Race

Hand your child a favorite book and set a timer for one minute. Say a letter aloud and encourage them to search through the book for that letter. See how many letters they can find before the timer goes off. Make the activity more difficult for older children by asking them to find a word or phrase.

  1. Play Dough Alphabet Mats

Write a letter on a large piece of paper. Give your child play dough and ask them to mold the dough to create the letter. They’ll have so much fun rolling and shaping the dough during this hands-on sensory activity.

  1. Shaving Cream Sensory Tray

Sensory trays are a fun way to practice writing skills while also exploring scents and textures. Fill a large tray or cookie sheet with shaving cream and ask your child to use their finger to write letters in the cream. Some ideas include writing letters they know, writing letters in their name, copying a letter you show them and writing the alphabet in order.

  1. Letter Scavenger Hunt

Place magnetic letters or DIY letter flash cards into an empty box. Ask your child to pull out a letter, name it and search for items around your home that begin with that letter.

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