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2021 Sept Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2021/2022 school year! Well, we made it through the first few weeks of school, and the children are adjusting well to their new school environment. Goodbyes are getting a little easier for all! What a joy to see our returning students who have moved to the next level as well as the many new families who have joined our academy this year. Thank you, for your continued support and trust. We are committed to providing your children with the best educational opportunities possible and look forward to all this school year has in store for us.

Our teachers have a busy fall planned, so please remember to review lobby displays as well as our school website, so you relate to all that is happening at school.

Beginning September 1st, our Links to Learning curriculum will be in full swing. You will start to see evidence of what your child is learning at school in daily Links 2 Home communication with an overview of “What We Learned Today” emailed daily. Learning activities are taking place daily in all age groups. You can expect to receive your child’s “My Fun and Busy Month” folder, sent home at the end of every month. Not all learning ends with a tangible product, and sometimes it’s a learning experience. For this reason, teachers are committed to communicating with you daily, weekly and monthly about the learning that is going on in their classroom. We also like to take pictures, so you can see the steps your child took to learn a particular skill. Alright, enough of me telling you about how we show evidence of learning, I will let the teachers take over from here.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful children!

Jami Melnick, Principal
Laura Ward, Asst. Principal



Join us for our Virtual Speaker Series – “I’m Talking But They’re Not Listening” on Sept 30, 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST (Header 2)

Do you repeat yourself often, try multiple ways to get your child’s attention but find they are still not listening? You’re not alone. Parenting expert Susan Stone will share specific communication tools to improve your child’s ability to listen to, understand, and respond to requests. Register today at https://conta.cc/3jDn7AS.

4 Children’s Books that Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) recognizes and celebrates the positive impact and contributions of Hispanic Americans. In honor of this month, we’ve rounded up four children’s books that you can read together with your preschooler that explore the culture and traditions of the Hispanic community.

  • Mango, Abuela, and Me by Meg Medina

Mango, Abuela, and Me is a heartwarming story about a grandmother and granddaughter relationship. Mia’s grandmother comes to visit Mia and her family, but she doesn’t speak English. With help from a parrot, Mia and her grandmother teach each other their languages and get to know each other more.

  • Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal

Names are an important part of our identify, but Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela thinks hers is too long. After speaking with her father about her long name, she learns the history behind it and grows proud of her ancestry. This book teaches children about self-esteem and what makes them unique and special.

  • I Love Saturdays y domingos by Alma Flor Ada

The little girl in this story has very exciting weekends. On Saturdays, she visits her Grandma and Grandpa who come from a European-American background. On Sundays, she visits her Abuelito and Abuelita who are Mexican American. Although the two sets of grandparents are different, the love for their granddaughter is the same.

  • What Can You Do with a Paleta? By Carmen Tafolla

The main character introduces readers to a paleta, a frozen, fruit-flavored treat, and all the fun things you can do with one. The vivid illustrations will keep your little one engaged as you read this book together. There is some Spanish used throughout, which helps children learn vocabulary while learning the importance of community and Hispanic heritage.




The purpose of our sick policy is to reduce the spread of illness among our students and to encourage full recuperation of sick children before they return to school. We depend on parents to assist us in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all of our children.

Children may be sent home if they have any concerning symptoms. Also, a child must be free of all of these symptoms for at least 24 hours before he/she can return to school. These symptoms include:

  • A Fever of 100 degrees or more
  • Vomiting within the previous 24-hour period
  • Diarrhea within the previous 24-hour period
  • Symptoms of a communicable disease
  • Fussy, cranky behavior and not himself/ herself
  • Green runny nose

Following an illness, a child may return to school once he/she has either been seen by a doctor or it has been determined that illness is not contagious. (A doctor’s clearance may be requested.) Please help us keep all of our children healthy by following these rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you for your support!

TUITION: Tuition is due the 1st business day of every month. Accounts not paid in full by 12:00 pm the second business day of every month will automatically receive a late fee of $30. If tuition is not paid in full by the 5th business day of each month, your child may not attend until the balance is paid in its entirety. Failure to comply with tuition policies will result in a notice of dis-enrollment. If you’d like to sign up for our ACH program, which automatically pulls your monthly tuition from the account of your choice the 1st business day of every month, just let us know, and we will help get you enrolled.

ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS FEES: Enrichments are temporarily canceled.

CATERED LUNCH PROGRAM: ADVANCE ORDERING REQUIRED Monthly lunch order forms are available two weeks before each new month. Please be sure to turn your lunch order in with payment no later than the posted deadline. Late orders may not be honored. Pizza Friday orders for the entire month must also be turned in by the deadline. Ordering lunch is an optional service. You may also send lunch from home.

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