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Chesterbrook Academy in Cooper City is roaring into the New Year with more Learning and Play opportunities for our students!

On Wednesday, January 19, we welcome The Little Farm to our school! The students will be able to view and pet all sorts of animals and learn about each of them.

Starting on Friday, January 14, we have our SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR!  Books for all ages will be on display and ready for purchase from 7 am until 5:30 pm.

This month we will focus on Dialogic Reading even to our youngest children. Reading aloud helps develop essential competencies infants and toddlers will need to become skilled readers later on. Two of these competencies are vocabulary knowledge and world knowledge (Wright 2018–2019). Through read alouds, children can learn the names and meanings of the objects, actions, people, and ideas all around them. At the same time, children can learn how these people, ideas, and things relate to one another, which is the critical background information for literacy development in the future.

January also marks the month when our Pre-Kindergarten teachers administer the VPK Assessment II. The Florida VPK Assessment is a formal progress monitoring assessment. Why Do We Collect This Information? The purpose of the Florida VPK Assessment is to provide teachers with information that can be used to guide instructional activities to promote children’s development of important readiness skills.

Here is a link to many parent resources from the Division of Early Learning. 

We wish all of our families a happy and healthy New Year!

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