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2022 May Parent Newsletter

Wow! It’s spring already? It never ceases to amaze me how the time goes by so fast and your little ones grow by leaps and bounds! I want to thank you for your time, hard work and commitment to our preschool. Thank you for all that you do for us and thank you for sharing your children with us!

Many engaging and exciting activities will take place in May so stay in the loop with all of our events. Graduation is right around the corner.  It will certainly be a bittersweet moment for us all.

Our staff is dedicated to your children, showing patience and love in their work. Please take the time to thank them for all that they do as we celebrate teacher appreciation week, May 2-6. Parents once again we would like to thank you on behalf of our entire staff for your ongoing support.

I would like to take the time to recognize any family who may have lost a loved one or who has a loved one currently serving in the armed services on behalf of our country. We recognize the sacrifice that families make in support of loved ones who serve and wish you a Happy Memorial Day.

Jami Melnick, Principal
Laura Ward, Assistant Principal
Jeanney Halloran, Office Manager

Pre-K Graduation Ceremony’s
June 3rd Room 10
June 6th Room 9
June 7th Room 7
June 8th Room 8

Summer Camp
Elementary Age & Preschool
June 8th – August 9th

Bring Out Your Child’s Best This Summer

This summer is your child’s time to shine, and we are here to help. Our counselors and specialists do what they enjoy most: inspire campers to explore, reach for new heights, and expand their horizons. Your child will make new friends, master new skills, and engage in enriching activities – all while having fun in a safe and secure environment.

Preschool Camp

Our Links to Learning Curriculum is a year-long program, but we add in even more exciting activities and special events during the summer for campers ages 1 to 4. Themed activity blocks are sprinkled throughout each week, giving campers variety in their day. This year’s blocks include Art Adventures, Music Makers, Food Fun, Water Works, Let’s Go Garden, Messy Mixtures, and more.

Kindergarten Enrichment

Parents loved our Kindergarten Enrichment program last summer, so we are bringing it back again this year. Designed for preschool graduates starting kindergarten in the fall, we work on sharpening literacy and math skills, while also providing opportunities to practice kindergarten etiquette through authentic play and collaborative learning. Students have a blast engaging in inquiry-based, hands-on activities that build upon foundational skills, such as science and engineering.

School-Age Camp

We haven’t forgotten about school-age children. Many of our preschools also offer summer camp for students ages 5 to 12. Students jump into action as they explore science and nature, creative and performing arts, sports and games, and so much more. Our camp features a unique selection of indoor and outdoor activities and field trips that take advantage of resources in the local area. Just like our preschool camp, activity blocks add variety in the camp day.

Get ready to see your child shine!  We can’t wait to see you soon.


The purpose of our sick policy is to reduce the spread of illness among our students and to encourage full recuperation of sick children before they return to school. We depend on parents to assist us in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all of our children.

Children may be sent home if they have any concerning symptoms. Also, a child must be free of all of these symptoms for at least 24 hours before he/she can return to school. These symptoms include:

  • A Fever of 100 degrees or more
  • Vomiting within the previous 24-hour period
  • Diarrhea within the previous 24-hour period
  • Symptoms of a communicable disease
  • Fussy, cranky behavior and not himself/ herself
  • Green runny nose

Following an illness, a child may return to school once he/she has either been seen by a doctor or it has been determined that illness is not contagious. (A doctor’s clearance may be requested.) Please help us keep all of our children healthy by following these rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you for your support!

TUITION: Tuition is due the 1st business day of every month. Accounts not paid in full by 12:00 pm the second business day of every month will automatically receive a late fee of $30. If tuition is not paid in full by the 5th business day of each month, your child may not attend until the balance is paid in its entirety. Failure to comply with tuition policies will result in a notice of dis-enrollment. If you’d like to sign up for our ACH program, which automatically pulls your monthly tuition from the account of your choice the 1st business day of every month, just let us know, and we will help get you enrolled.

ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS FEES: Enrichments have started again with Amazing Athletes and Computer Classes. The cost is $65 per month for a 30 minute session once per week.

CATERED LUNCH PROGRAM: ADVANCE ORDERING REQUIRED Monthly lunch order forms are available two weeks before each new month. Please be sure to turn your lunch order in with payment no later than the posted deadline. Late orders may not be honored. Pizza Friday orders for the entire month must also be turned in by the deadline. Ordering lunch is an optional service. You may also send lunch from home.

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