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Specialty Classes

Our schools offer robust specialty classes including:


We combine experiential learning and content to integrate Spanish with other core subjects. As students gain repeated exposure and practice and apply their skills, they develop a practical use of the language.


Our music program gives students the opportunity to hear, perform, create and appreciate all types of music. Students understand and apply the elements of music, experiment with the tools of music, develop anĀ appreciation for music past and present, and express themselves creatively.


Our visual arts programs give children an outlet for creativity and self-expression, as they learn about techniques, art history, and critical assessment of art.

Physical Education & Wellness

Our physical education and wellness program teaches sports skills, provides physical activity, and gives students tools for a healthy, active lifestyle. Students develop self confidence and a positive outlook toward physical education and wellness.


Students learn to use technology to compile, organize, analyze, and present information. They develop skills in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics.