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Personalized Learning

In order to personalize learning for each student, we assess their learning style, as well as their social/emotional and behavioral needs.

At the beginning of the school year, the teacher, parent and student collaborate to complete the annual Personal Learning Plan (PLP). By allowing the student to participate in setting PLP goals, they develop a greater sense of ownership of their own education.

The PLP is a valuable supplement to the traditional report card and includes the following:

  1. Academic Skills: Sets reading and mathematics goals for the year, and responsibilities for meeting these goals.
  2. Life and Career Skills: Sets goals for study skills, such as time management or organization, to advance academic performance.
  3. 21st Century Projects: At the conclusion of each learning project, students choose which product (art work, brochure, report, poster, diorama) or performance (skit, song, debate, poem) they will do as their final assessment of learning.
  4. Learning Styles Profile: Addresses how each student best processes information and communicates, as well as their preferred learning environment.