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21st Century Skills

Creativity, Collaboration & Communication

Students need more than just academic knowledge to achieve their goals as they progress through school and life. Our teachers help students develop 21st century skills through learning activities that:

  • Are project-based and connected to the real world
  • Involve collaboration, hands-on experiences and global focus
  • Are integrated across subject areas
  • Require problem solving and critical thinking
  • Allow students to initiate, plan and manage projects
  • Expose students to different cultures

Technology-Rich Environment

Our schools have full computer labs and an iPad® assigned to each student in 4th grade and above. Our teachers are equipped with a full suite of advanced instructional technology, including iPads® and an Apple® TV or Mac® Mini. These tools allow students to communicate what they know with pictures, audio and video, in addition to written reports. Technology also aids students as they work in teams to collaborate, and helps teachers monitor progress.