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Only At Cary

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools, the competition is fierce. What makes families choose Chesterbrook Academy Cary and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtCary. Let us tell you more.

Cheetah Fierce

Each month, our whole school gathers to recognize the student who most represented the character trait of the month. Students are nominated by their teachers when they have gone above and beyond to exemplify these qualities, such as kindness. When we gather, the nominated student is brought up on stage to receive a pawprint and bracelet. To be Cheetah Fierce is not just about school pride, but inspiring everyone to go the extra mile to be compassionate to others.

Our Special Projects
Seasonal Community Festivals
At Chesterbrook we work hard and play hard! Families and staff come together over food and fun at our seasonal family festivals such as Fall Fest and Spring Fling! These events allow teachers and staff to connect with families in a social environment, building and solidifying our warm relationships that lead to greater success and growth socially and emotionally! Our Fall Festival, an event for all ages, had children engaged in games such as Knock-em-Down, Toss Across, Ball, Rope-a-Calf and more. Parents engaged in conversation with other parents and staff, while the staff manned all the different activities. Smiles, laughter, and a feeling of community made for a wonderful day!
Pulsera Project and Hispanic Heritage Month
In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, our Spanish teacher leads a partnership with the Pulsera Project, an organization that provides hand-woven pulseras, or, bracelets, purchased from Central American artists to schools for resale. Students resell the bracelets and learn about the importance of Fair Trade practices and Latin American culture. In addition to providing jobs to Central American artists, the proceeds support educational programs, community development and housing for the artists and their families.
Teaching with Love & Logic
Our teachers follow the philosophies of Teaching with Love & Logic and partner with students to build classroom expectations rather than classroom rules. This approach helps students learn to take responsibility for the problems they face, as they share control and decision making jointly with their teachers. It shifts the responsibility of a student’s behavior on to the student which we believe helps mold them into caring, responsible members of society.
Family Movie Night
Family is the foundation of our school and our staff, students, and parents are all members of that family here at Cary. We strive to involve our families frequently in various events at our school. Our Family Movie Night is one of our most favorite events that is always well attended and features a student-run concession stand! This event highlights not only a fun movie watching with our inclusive community, but also a chance for our school to band together and learn about teamwork and entrepreneurship.
You Belong Here

We want our students to not only love coming to school, but to have continuous reminders that all are welcome. Our motto is “You Belong Here” because Chesterbrook Academy Cary is not just a place to learn, but a place to love. We pride ourselves in fostering a community where everyone belongs, feels valued, and is shown they matter. We use verbal encouragement to remind our school community that they are a part of this big family. We view diversity as an asset and proactively keep our community colorful, just like our beautiful “You Belong Here” mural!

You Belong Here mural
Cary is one big family
Older students bond with younger students