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Ms. Bethany Harbour - Junior Kindergarten



Hello, I am Ms. Harbour and I’m from West Virginia. I have my BA in Early Childhood Education and I developed a passion for working with children at a young age through the work of my parents, which are both teachers. I love going to the Farmers Market, drinking all the coffee, being active, watching college sports (GO WVU) and bragging on my adorable yet mischievous nephews. When I lived in West Virginia I did a lot of work with the Special Olympics and coached a lot of youth camps and AAU basketball. I moved to the Carolina’s 10 years ago and have been teaching Preschool, NCPK and was the Curriculum Director at my previous school.

My favorite basketball coach growing up always told me, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” There is really nothing else [unless I could play in the WNBA 🙂 ] that I would choose to do if I could. I am very ecstatic to be a part of the Chesterbrook Team and looking forward to having a positive impact on your child’s life. 

“If a child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”




Preschool years are pivotal times of academic development and personal growth for students. In Junior Kindergarten we will be preparing your child for success when they enter kindergarten and beyond.

Some learning outcomes are…

  • identifies uppercase and lowercase letters and their corresponding letter sound
  • reads/recognizes sight words and attempts to sound out unknown words using letter-sound correspondence
  • uses inventive spelling in writing and communicates in writing with spacing between words
  • counts 1-100 by ones and tens and recognizes numerals 1-100
  •  solves simple addition and subtraction with concrete objects or illustrations
  • makes predictions based on prior knowledge

We work on our learning goals through a mix of whole group instruction, small group work, and one on one support from the teacher.


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