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Lorena Mayorga - SPANISH


I am Lorena Mayorga, the Spanish teacher at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary in Cary.  I am from Ecuador. I came to work to the United States with a program VIF to teach Spanish in Public Schools. I am married and have two children. I am very excited to work at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary.  It is going to be a great year!

I have a BS in  ESL at  Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte de Guayaquil, 1998.   I worked at Colegio Americano de Guayaquil for 10+ years.   Since then, I have been  in  a Public School.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you!


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Classroom Notes

A World Language Program is an integral part of the core curriculum as well as a key component in the preparation of students to be effective participants in the Global Community.

Spanish Curriculum

Pre-kindergarten/Kindergarten/1st Grade

Emphasis on developing a basic Spanish vocabulary and enhancing students communication skills though oral language, reading and basic guided written exchanges. They will began to develop an understanding of the Spanish culture and make connections through integrated curriculum that joins math, science, social studies and language arts with Spanish language.

2nd and 3rd Grades

Emphasis on developing a growing Spanish vocabulary and enhancing students communication skills through  oral languages, reading and writing exchanges. Second and Third grades Spanish curriculum contains the knowledge skills, sequence strategies and assessment necessary for quality instructions. The sequantial nature of the curriculum provides repeated exposure and eventual mastering throughout the school year as well as throughout future school years.

4th and 5th Grades

Emphasis on developing a Spanish vocabulary of essential and more complex words and phrases as well as enhancing students communication skills through oral language, reading and writing exchanges. The curriculum contains the knowledge, skills, sequence, strategies and assessment necessary for quality instructions. As students become more skilled with the language and vocabulary throughout fifth grade, the possibilities for appliance of the language are endless.


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