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At Chesterbrook Academy, we provide breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Our meals are served with a family style feel and with love. Our peanut and tree-nut free school provides accommodations for children with various allergies and dietary restrictions. We strive to provide the most fresh fruits and vegetables that are available to us. Homemade meals are created by our chef to be served with care for our students as well as using fresh ingredients in our main courses and snacks.

Below you can find our┬ámonthly menu that is developed by our Chef and with our students’ needs in mind. We serve a vegetarian course for those who need it, with our full menu that is included in the services we provide.

May Menu 2018

April Menu 2018

March Menu 2018

February Menu 2018

January Menu 2018

December Menu 2017

November Menu 2017

October Menu 2017

September Menu 2017

August Menu 2017

July Menu 2017

June Menu 2017

May Menu 2017