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Summer Camp

Join us for School-Age Summer Camp

At our summer camps, we measure time not in minutes but in moments. Like the moment your child jumps for joy when scoring their first goal. The look on their face when the rocket they built actually launches. The thrill of performing on a stage, solving a math challenge, or creating digital art.

This is the place where epic moments happen!

Day Camp

Each week, campers jump into action as they explore science and nature, become involved in creative and performing arts, and participate in sports and games. Our activity blocks give campers fun and variety in their camp day.

Kindergarten Enrichment

Give your child a jump-start to kindergarten by enrolling in our Kindergarten Enrichment program. We work on sharpening literacy and math skills, while also providing opportunities for your child to practice kindergarten etiquette through authentic play and collaborative learning. Students have a blast engaging in inquiry-based, hands-on activities that build upon foundational skills, such as science and engineering.

Draw, Paint, Create!
Campers embark on a journey of artistic discovery, unlocking their inner artist through vibrant brushes, colors, and boundless imagination! Join us for a summer where each stroke paints a story of creativity.
Project Blueprint
Dive into the fascinating world of simple machines and architectural design, igniting curiosity and honing problem-solving skills. Build the foundation of a future engineer or architect.
Color Wars
Join the energetic pep rally! Campers unite for songs, chants, and challenges, fostering collaboration and team spirit in an exciting atmosphere. Let's make memories filled with colorful camaraderie.
Summer Games
Unlock your inner Olympian! Engage in friendly competitions, team sports, and challenges that not only promote camaraderie but also sportsmanship. It's a chance to grow as an athlete and a team player.
Kids Helping Kids
Ignite compassion and empathy through involvement in various service projects, contributing to a brighter future for those in need. Together, we plant seeds of kindness that will flourish for a lifetime.
Experience the fusion of creativity and construction! Plan and construct 3D wonders using wood, clay, PVC, and more in our state-of-the-art Makerspace. Craft the future with your hands and imagination.
Myth Busters
Stimulate your brain! Brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles are here to enhance logic, reasoning, problem-solving, and math skills in an exciting way. Challenge yourself and unlock the mysteries of the mind.
Discover Lab
Campers come together to solve problems and cultivate a love for science, technology, engineering, art, and math, fostering innovation and collaboration. It's a hub of discovery and dreams.
Joyful Noise
Laughter fills the air as campers explore creativity and gain confidence through the joyful expressions of singing, dancing, and acting. It's a chorus of friendship and self-expression.
Cosmic Exploration
Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the stars, delving into the marvels of the universe via stargazing and space-themed experiments. It's an extraordinary adventure! Reach for the stars and uncover the cosmos' secrets.
Why Summer Camp?

From day camp to specialty camp, we  promise an exceptional array of indoor and outdoor activities, including special guests and exciting on-campus events, adding an extra layer of delight and creating unforgettable moments.

These adventures are complemented by captivating field trips that tap into local resources, all culminating in a summer filled with epic adventures and cherished memories.

Our Counselors
Our camp counselors are the heart and soul behind the unforgettable memories for our campers. With a passion for working with children and a commitment to safety, each counselor is trained to nurture your child's curiosity and help them make friends on this EPIC adventure.
We provide extensive training to camp staff on Safety Expectations, Behavior Management, Active Leadership, and Staff Mentoring.