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Parent Communication

We believe that when parents and teachers work as partners in a child’s education, the learning experience is richer and more meaningful. Of course, our teachers and staff are always there for you to discuss your goals, needs and concerns for your child. We also provide daily, monthly and quarterly written updates so that you are always in the know.

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    Parents receive a daily email with a photo and report of their child’s day. Through our mobile app, parents can easily view photos, teachers notes and reports at anytime. Parents can also furnish special notes for their child’s teacher.

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  • Monthly Folder

    Your monthly folder includes:

    • Previous month’s skills, concepts, activities and goals
    • A preview of skills for the upcoming month and suggestions of activities to continue the learning at home
    • Samples of your child’s work
  • Reports & Conferences

    You will receive parent assessment reports three times a year. These reports are designed to help you understand and celebrate your child’s developmental progress.

    Additionally, parent/teacher conferences allow dedicated time to discuss your child’s development, and how you and your teacher can continue to work together to successfully prepare your child for the next steps.

  • Parent Bulletin Board

    The classroom parent board includes the following information about the progress of classroom curriculum:

    • Monthly Spanish vocabulary and phrases
    • Weekly skills focus at a glance
    • Weekly lesson plan created by the teacher
    • Learning outcome goals for the year/program