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Parent Reviews

  • Chesterbrook Academy at Ellis Preserve is a great child care center with caring teachers and a solid curriculum. The hours are good and the catered lunch is a huge help for working parents. My child has friends and is learning, singing, and having fun. -Naomi S.

  • Chesterbrook Academy’s focus on social-emotional skills has made a world of difference for our child. The supportive and knowledgeable staff create a nurturing space where our little one not only learns to read and write but also develops crucial emotional intelligence. -Emily R.

  • The curriculum at Chesterbrook Academy is truly outstanding. The teachers’ dedication and personalized approach ensure that our child receives the best possible foundation for future success. This school feels so much more than a normal child care center. -Delia J.

  • Chesterbrook Academy sets the gold standard. The clean facilities and safety measures reflect a commitment to providing a secure space for our child’s learning and growth. -Chuck K.

  • Chesterbrook Academy at Ellis Preserve is not just a daycare, it’s a community where our family feels embraced and supported. The sense of belonging and the warm relationships between parents, teachers, and students make it a truly special place for our child’s early education. -Andy G.