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Back to School in August

It’s my favorite time of the year! Back to School time is here! As a young child I was always excited about getting new clothes and the new lunch box with the latest theme craze. I’d name a few, but I might age myself just a bit.  That first day of school walking into my classroom for the first time was memorable for the rest of the year!  Yankee Candle could be a huge success if they could capture the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and manila writing paper.

We are going to begin transitions August 17th and have all students in their new classroom by August 31st.  We will host an in house open house on August 19th.  Details will be given to your child soon.  This is a night you will be able to meet the new teacher, learn the class schedule, where to find important Parent News and to review the many skills your child will work on in the academic year of 2015 – 2016.

As we begin the new year  remember to check out our ancillary programs offered during school hours.

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Music for Little Ones – Ms. Kathy works in small groups of children teaching them a variety of music styles.  Through the use of small hand instruments children explore tempo, beat and rhythm of the music.  The music class enhances our creative expression curriculum link.

Soccer Shots – Coach Matt and his team teach skills and basic understanding for the sport of Soccer.  Working through small groups and individual activities each child builds his/her understanding of a sport that can be played at all levels of their educational career.

Jump Bunch – Not every sport requires a ball.  Through Jump bunch our children learn the importance of warm up, stretching and conditioning before participating in sports activities.  Each week a new sport is introduced.  All non contact sports helps children explore new interest and develop a skill that can be focused on as they grow.

All of ancillary programs can be registered through the front office. Payments are made directly to the vendor. They are completed during normal business hours, saving you time for family in the evening and weekends.



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