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October News

From the Principal’s Office

Dear Families,

Happy Fall everybody!  This is my favorite time of year!   Not only is the weather so pleasant (well, minus all of this rain), but there is just so much to do.  Since moving to America 10 years ago, I have fallen in love with apple orchards, pumpkin patches and all fall scents.  Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon apples?

October will be a very busy month for us.  Field trips have begun, and will continue through the month with trips to Pumpkin Patches and farms. You are always welcome to accompany your child on our field trips and enjoy the experience with them. If you get some great photos, email them to me so that we can share them. The teachers are always so busy sometimes it is hard for them to get great photos.

At the end of the month we shall celebrate with our Halloween parade, trick or treating, and fall festival.   There will be more details coming and I can’t wait to see all of the fabulous costumes and watch the children have so much fun!

Make sure to check out the calendar as we do have school photographs this month, the Scholastic book fair, N.U.T (no uniform today) Pink Out Day for Breast Cancer and a visit from the fire truck. Amongst all of this, I will be in Las Vegas at the Nobel Principals conference for four days.  I am excited to learn and network with other principals to see what new ideas I can bring back to our school. How are there enough days in the month for all of this to occur? I shall be brewing some fall flavored coffee to get me through this fun packed month.

While October is a fun month, let’s all remember to keep ourselves safe. With darker mornings and evenings and the more inclement weather, please drive extra carefully in our parking lot. Let’s make sure to teach our children about stranger danger as it gets closer to trick or treating, and let’s make sure our children stay warm. Remember to change out your extra clothes in your child’s cubby so they are seasonally appropriate. Layers are always good at this time of year as the temperature fluctuates.

As always, thank you for all the support that you give us, and all that you do to keep our school a safe and fun place to be.

Helen Parks, Principal

October Events

  • 2 – Michael Andrew Holiday Fundraiser Order Forms & Payment Due
  • 5-9 – Scholastic Book Fair
  • 5-9 – Fire Prevention Week
  • 6 – Fire Truck Visit (9:30am – 11:00am)
  • 9-23 – Yankee Candle Fundraiser
  • 14 – Lifetouch Portraits (Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • 15 – Lifetouch Portraits (Rooms 11, 10, 9)
  • 16 – Lifetouch Portraits (Rooms 6, 7, 8, 12)
  • 16 – N.U.T “Pink Out Day” – make donations at the front desk for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • 14-25 – SC State Fair
  • 16-30 – Riverbanks Zoo “Boo at the Zoo” (6:00pm – 9:00pm)
  • 30 – Halloween Parade & Trick-or-Treating @ 10am
  • 30 – Fall Festival (6:00pm – 7:30pm) and Trunk-or-Treat (7:30pm)
  • 30 – Links to Learning Folders Go Home

Field Trips

Friday, October 2nd
Fox Farm
– Room 9
– Provide a peanut-free bag lunch
– Leaving at: 9:20am
– Wear navy Chesterbrook logo t-shirt

Wednesday, October 7th
Assembly Street Library
– Room 8
– Cost: $1.00
– Leaving at: 9:30am
– Wear navy Chesterbrook logo t-shirt

Tuesday, October 13th
Clinton Sease Pumpkin Patch
– Rooms 2, 3, 4, 5
– Cost: $8.00
– Provide a peanut-free bag lunch
– Wear navy Chesterbrook logo t-shirt

Thursday, October 15th
McLeod Farms
– Room 12
– Cost: $7.50
– Provide a peanut-free bag lunch
– Leaving at: 9:30am
– Wear navy Chesterbrook logo t-shirt

Tuesday, October 20th
United Methodist Pumpkin Patch
– Room 1
– Cost: $1.00
– Leaving at: 9:30am
– Wear navy Chesterbrook logo t-shirt

Wednesday, October 21st
Clinton Sease Pumpkin Patch
– Room 10
– Cost: $9.00
– Provide a peanut-free bag lunch
– Leaving at: 8:45am
– Wear navy Chesterbrook logo t-shirt

Thursday, October 22nd
Clinton Sease Pumpkin Patch
– Room 9
– Cost: $9.00
– Provide a peanut-free bag lunch
– Leaving at: 8:45am
– Wear navy Chesterbrook logo t-shirt

*Field trips are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions and/or any other issues that develop.  Reschedule dates will provided as soon as they become available.


LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!! We invite you to “like” our page at www.facebook.com/ChesterbrookAcademy where we’ll be providing our fans with regular educational tips for children from preschool to 8th grade and the opportunity to network with fellow parents. We would love to have your participation in this forum and encourage you to continue to check our school website for local updates specific to our own school. We look forward to having you as part of our Facebook community!

Open House: Invite a family member or friend to come to our Open House on Saturday, November 7, 2015 between the hours of 10am-1pm. This is a great opportunity to meet the staff, tour the facility and see first hand how Chesterbrook Academy makes a difference in the lives of children!!


Entry & Exit Doors: ** DO NOT USE THE BACK DOOR FOR ENTRY TO THE SCHOOL!!!** As you all know there is a code required for entry to the school. Please be sure to limit the code to family members and/or friends that are picking up your child(ren) on a regular basis. Do not give the code to your child(ren). In addition, everyone should use the front entrance for drop off and pick up. We advise strongly not to let individuals in the side entry door, as this person may or may not be a Chesterbrook parent or other family member. The side door is to only be used as an exit. This guarantees the safety of Chesterbrook Academy students and staff. Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Chesterbrook Academy & Queensboro Apparel Company: If you are interested in ordering Chesterbrook Logo apparel for your child(ren), please view our online store. You may notice all the wonderful colors available, but please keep in mind that Chesterbrook Academy uniform colors are Navy, White and Forest/Dark Green.

Chesterbrook Academy & Mabel’s Labels: As a way to target the problem of lost belongings and a large lost and found closet, Chesterbrook Academy is fundraising with Mabel’s Labels, a company with all types of labels that are colorful, indestructible, easy-to-use and fun! Iron-Ons, Stickies, Bag Tags, Allergy Alert labels & more! Personalize your labels with names, nicknames, initials – whatever you choose. Cool icons help even little ones identify their own belongings. Dishwasher, microwave, laundry & kid tested! Dispatched within 24 hours!

Visit www.chesterbrookacademy.mabelslabels.com to place your order.

For Parents

Tuition: Parents, please understand the importance of paying your tuition & paying it on time! Payments are due every Friday for the coming week. Late fees will be applied at 12 noon on Monday following the due date. Unpaid tuition, more than a week past due, will result in immediate dis-enrollment. If you have any questions, please see Helen, Melissa or Andrea in the front office. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Field Trips for the 2015-16 School Year: Please be reminded that students must wear the Chesterbrook logo navy t-shirts on field trips.  All monies for field trips are to be collected by someone in the front office.  Please be sure to turn in signed permission slips for scheduled field trips to your child’s teacher.

Automatic Payment Program: Parents this is a very easy way for you to not worry about writing those checks every week and avoiding late fees. APP can be used to pay tuition only invoices or all invoices (tuition, registration & activity fees). Please see Helen, Melissa or Andrea in the front office for details and information on getting signed up or you can print the form from the link on the school website. In addition, you can also set up online bill-pay through your bank.

Contact Information: Please be sure that all home, work, cell and pager numbers and any other contact information is up to date in your child’s file. This helps the staff at Chesterbrook have every available option to contact the parent(s) in the event of an emergency.

E-Mail Addresses: Please update your email addresses with the front office in order to receive important information about upcoming and/or emergency events from the school. We can send email notifications to more than one email address.

School Operating Hours: This is a friendly reminder that Chesterbrook’s hours of operation are 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Half day hours of operation are 8:30 am – 11:30 am. The late pick up fee is $15 per child for the first 15 minutes and an additional $15 per child for each quarter hour after the regularly scheduled pick up time. Also parents, if you are running late and its close to closing time, please be sure to give the school a courtesy call.

Parent Ambassador Program: Spread the word about our school and save on your child’s tuition! Refer a new family to our school and you could earn a free week of tuition. For more information on our Ambassador Program, see your school’s principal. The current referring Chesterbrook family will receive a discount after the referred child has attended full time for 3 months. Discount applies to the tuition of the oldest child in the referring family.

For Parents & Teachers

NUT FREE SCHOOL: We have several children enrolled at Chesterbrook Academy with severe nut allergies. Please do not send your child to school with food containing any type of nut products.

Prescription Policy for Chronic or Allergic Conditions:
Medication may be brought in for chronic or life threatening medical conditions. All medications must be in their original container with the prescription label attached to include the proper administering time(s) and dosage to be given. For the use of a nebulizer, a letter or note will be required from your child’s doctor’s office stating time(s) to be administered and the tubule dosage to be given. In addition, an “Authorization to Administer Medication Form” must be completed and turned in by the parent. Please see Helen, Melissa or Andrea in the front office if you have any questions or concerns.

Weather Policy: In the event of severe weather, we will make every effort to open on schedule and to remain open during the course of our regular hours of operation. In the event that severe weather requires us to close our school, delay our school or close early, parents will be notified initially by e-notify. Please make sure we have your most current email address and that you have added us to your address book so our message does not go to spam. In the event that your employer will not allow you to receive email at work, please provide us with an alternate email address for you. Parents may also call the school’s voicemail at 803-699-9988 and listen to the prerecorded message by 5:30 a.m. for information regarding the operating hours. Information will also be posted to the school’s website which is http://Wildewood.ChesterbrookAcademy.com. You can also tune into WIS channel 10 and/or WLTX channel 19 for closing and/or delay information.
**Chesterbrook Academy DOES NOT follow the schedule of Richland School District 2 during weather delays or closings**

Sign In & Out Books: We wanted to take this time to remind you all about an important security here at Chesterbrook. Please remember to sign your child in and out every day on the class Sign In/Out sheets located outside or inside of your child’s classroom everyday. If someone on your child’s authorized pick-up list is picking up, please remind him or her to do so as well. Although we have never had any problem nor do we expect to in the future, this is an important security measure that keeps all of the children safe. Thank you for your continued compliance with our security policies.

Uniform Policy: All children from 3 year old Preschool and up are required to wear uniforms daily at Chesterbrook Academy.  The official uniform is navy blue (NOT jean) or khaki bottoms and white, navy blue or hunter green solid tops.  Girls may also wear navy blue or khaki jumpers, skirts, skorts, or the plaid jumper offered by the uniform company, Flynn & O’Hara.  Shoes should be white, black, brown, or navy blue and preferably athletic type.

Parking Policy

  • Traffic should enter the school parking lot at the first driveway and exit through the carport out the last driveway.
  • Cars should be parked in designated parking spaces or on the road above the school.
  • Please do not park under the carport, behind the bus, or in front of the dumpster.
  • Please do not block the mailbox.
  • All preschoolers must be escorted into the school by an adult.
  • Elementary students may be dropped off at the front door. Cars should stop in the right lane only and students should exit their cars through the passenger side door.
  • Please do not allow your child to run through the parking lot unattended or play on the hill.
  • Please drive slowly on school property. Be courteous and patient with other drivers and watch out for our children.

Illness Policy
A parent of a child that is determined to be ill shall be notified immediately. The child must be picked up within an hour of notification. No child shall be allowed to remain at school with the following conditions:

  • Elevated Temperature (100 degrees or higher)
  • Vomiting and/or Diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
  • Head Lice
  • Other Communicable Diseases (ie. chicken pox, strep throat, etc.)

Student Pick-Up: Parents, please be sure to inform the teachers and/or front office if another family member or friend will pick up your child. This applies to names that are on your list as well as names that are not. If it will be the first time the family member or friend picks up your child, please remind them to bring in their drivers license when they come in. This is very important to insure the safety of your child(ren).

School Spotlight

October 5 – 9
Book Fair Hours: 8am – 5:30pm
Payment Accepted: cash, check, all major credit cards


October 9 – 23


Wednesday, October 14 – Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Thursday, October 15 – Rooms 11, 10, 9
Friday, October 16 – Rooms 6, 7, 8, 12

(Uniforms are not required on your child’s scheduled portrait date)

October Birthdays


  • 3 – Madilyn Hays
  • 9 – Gabriella Valdes
  • 10 – Evangeline Valdes
  • 14 – Owen LaClair
  • 16 – Silvia Wieczorek
  • 18 – Ava Peters
  • 24 – Madison Ellis
  • 30 – Nora Iszard


  • LaKenya Middleton

From the Education Department

“Exploring Community Helpers & the Roles They Play”Edu Pic

This month, our students are gaining a greater understanding of community helper occupations, such as police officers, mail carriers, medical professionals and firefighters. The children have a lot of fun imagining themselves in these important roles, and incorporating toy versions of the uniforms, equipment and vehicles that go with them.

In addition, October is National Fire Prevention Month, so we place a special emphasis on the importance of fire safety and the role of firefighters. Our classroom activities help the children become more comfortable around emergency responders in uniform, and teach them basics about what to do in case of an emergency.

Here are some ways children learn about community helpers in the classroom, as well as activities for you and your child to do at home.

TODDLERS (ages 1-2):

In the classroom: Toddlers are fascinated with dressing up as doctors, police officers and firefighters, because they have distinct uniforms and roles that children can easily understand. During dramatic play, our teachers provide students with costumes and props, and encourage them to choose the role they want to play.

At home: Continue dress-up play by providing your child with various props and costumes. Ask him, “Who do you want to dress-up as?” and “What does that person wear?”

Recommended reading: Whose Hat is This by Sharon Katz Cooper

BEGINNERS (ages 2-3):

In the classroom: Our Beginner students learn about the special vehicles that community helpers use, by playing matching games, reading books, and building vehicles using cardboard boxes.

At home: Go for a drive with your child. Point out vehicles that belong to community helpers, such as a fire truck and a police car. Ask, “Who drives that vehicle?” and “Where might it be going?”

Recommended reading: The Little Fire Engine by Lois Lenski


In the classroom: During fire safety lessons, many of our schools invite local firefighters to visit. Students explore the tools firefighters use, learn “Stop, Drop and Roll,” and may have the opportunity to tour a fire truck.

At home: Continue exploring fire safety by practicing “Stop, Drop and Roll” with your child. Ask him, “Who puts out fires?” and discuss what he should do if he hears a fire alarm at home.

Recommended reading: The Fire Engine Book by Tibor Gergely

PRE-K/PRE-K 2 (ages 4-5):

In the classroom: Teachers introduce situations when it might be necessary to dial 9-1-1. Students practice finding 9-1-1 on different keypads, such as cell phones and landlines.

At home: Show your child photos of various community helpers and the buildings where they work. Ask him to identify the helpers and their workplaces, and describe the roles the helpers play in our community.

Recommended reading: The Berenstain Bears: Jobs around Town by Jan Berenstain

We provide many opportunities for students to learn about community helpers. By setting this foundation, they become more familiar and comfortable around the people that make their neighborhoods a better place.

– Lauren Starnes, PhD – Director of Early Childhood Education

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