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January 2016 * Newsletter

Happy New Year! Welcome to January 2016! 

We are delighted to share all we have learned during the month of December. We enjoyed participating in our holiday parties and spending time with family and friends. We are looking forward to the fun festivities we have planned during the month of January.

* Pretend Snow Day *
We hope you can join us on Friday, January 15th in the morning as we participate in a pretend snow day! We are kindly asking you send your children in their “Winter Wear” as we will be learning about how to stay warm and activities we can do inside during the winter months. We will be creating our very own Winter Wonderland playing in the fake snow and participating in fun winter activities.

* Fun Things Coming Up In January *

January 1 – Happy New Year! CBA will be closed
January 5 – Weather graphs
January 12 – Freeze and melt experiment day
January 14-February 1 – Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser
January 15 – Pretend snow day!
January 18 & 19 – FCPS are closed, school age drop in care is available
January 22 – Kindergarten Science Fair, 6:30-7:00
January 23 – Saturday Open House 10:00-1:00
January 27 – Pajama Day!
January 28 – Drawing in “snow”
January 29 – Finishing weather graphs

* Notes From The Office *

* Drop In Days: FCPS are closed on Monday, January 18th and Tuesday, January 19th. We will be offering school age drop in care on these days. Please see up front for fees and sign up.

* Fundraiser: The Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Fundraiser will be starting on Monday, January 14th. Please refer to information in your child’s cubby, and return all orders and payment by February 1st.

* Spring Break Camp: Although we have some time, we have started to plan spring break! Please note, Fairfax County Public Schools are closed from March 21st-March 25th. We will be offering school age camp during these days, following CBA hours of operation. More information is to come!

* School Closings and Schedule: Chesterbrook Academy will be closed on Friday, January 1st for New Year’s Day and Monday, February 15th for staff professional development day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with administration up front. We look forward to a fun month of January activities.

* The CBA Teaching Staff & Administration Team *

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