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May News

writingMay is a time to celebrate and honor those who have teaching as their profession. While a person who chooses to teach often thinks of it as a passion vs a career choice. The week of May 2nd – May 5th  we will dedicate the week to our teachers.  Each day we have chosen a special way to recognize them and ask Parents to join us in the celebration.

We will host a special event to kick off Summer 2016 on May 10th.  Don’t miss the savings on summer camp fee by stopping by office and paying the discounted rate!  A free summer camp shirt will be paid with each summer camp fee paid.  We will also take orders for summer bags and water bottles that will be on display in the office during the event.

Summer camp fees are a one time fee paid annually at the school.  The fee helps to cover the expenses incurred with adding additional activities to our Links to Learning curriculum.  The summer camp calendar is distributed by June 1st. It has a daily activity planned every day using a uniform weekly fee throughout the school.

In addition to the summer activities we host from using outside vendors, we include a weekly water play day, special lunches, snacks made by the students, art/craft projects and much more.  The method Chesterbrook Academy uses for the cost prevents you from being asked to send money for each week or for activities that cost money.  Every child participates and are treated fairly as they all have paid the same fee.  It also takes out the worry of trying to remember when your child needs money to prevent from missing out due to lack of funds.  A one time fee is due by May 13th at the reduced fee of $50.00!  This is a$30.00 savings from prior year.  We will return to our regular annual fee of $80.00 for any fee left unpaid. We can ACH the fee with permission and return of the paperwork handed out in your child’s classroom.

back to school

Back to School registration has been very successful.  We will are forecasting another year with limited space.  Due to that we now must ask each family taking vacations of 2 or more weeks to do the following options.

  1. You are recommended to pay your normal tuition while you are gone.  The account be ACH to avoid disruptions to your family vacation.  This is the best recommendation.  It ensures your child will have a placement when you return.
  2.  You pay the annual registration fee of $90.00 for one child or $60 for multiple children before leaving.  You are placed on a waiting list and when we have an opening we will call you to come in and update the forms and start back at the school.  There is no gurantee to a return start date for your child as we will fill the empty seat while you are gone.  This is of course not recommended if you need care immediately when you return.

In addition to our limits on available seats we will no longer be accepting part time programs in the Beginners – Pre K classes.  If your child is on a grandfathered part time program the program will change to full time if there is a break in your enrollment.  In August 2016 all part time programs will end.


New Ancillary programs are beginning this month.  Sign up forms for Dance, Soccer, Jump Bunch and Music for Little Ones can be found in the office.  Our students enjoy the extra time they get to participate in the ancillary programs. Parents love it because it saves them time from going to the soccer field, gym, or studio for classes.  We are looking to add new programs this Fall.  We will do a demo class for gymnastics this month.  Watch out of more details coming soon!!!


Congratulations to our school for completing the NAPP SACC program and being awarded recognition for our efforts.  The grant required a minimum of 2 goals to be completed within the 6 month period.  Hats off to our staff for completing 9 goals!  We have improved menu options, reduced sugar, salt and fat in foods we serve, and increase the gross motor activities by 50% in every classroom just to name a few goals we accomplished.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to make our school #1 in child nutrition and gross motor activities.





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