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August Newsletter

From The Desk of The Principal

July is over and we are splashing into August! Even though it is still sunny out and we are continuing our summer and splash day regime, we would like to remind you that our final week for Splash Day is the week of August 22nd. Our last day of Summer camp is Friday, September 2nd.

As our Splash days come to an end, we are preparing for our 2016- 2017 school year. We will be using the following week of August 29th to begin transitioning your little ones into their new classes.If your child is moving up in the fall, you will be receiving a Move up Packet. This packet informs you of what class they will be attending, their start date, information about what they will be learning, and even their teacher’s bios. We are also happy to take you to the new classroom per request to feel more comfortable for the exciting change in your little one’s life.

We also would like to take the time out to remind you that  SCHOOL IS CLOSED ON SEPTEMBER 5TH.

Lastly, If you received a white envelope from us, it is stating you still have paperwork that is non-compliant with the Department of Human Services. We ask that you please return it to us as soon as possible, and that it is imperative that we have all of the information on file for your children. In the event of an emergency a missing signature, phone number, or insurance policy number could be drastic when providing the necessary care for your children.

From Our Education Department


How to Handle “I’m Bored”

Children today are more scheduled than ever before. Their days are filled with activities such as camp, sports, dance classes and music lessons. When there is nothing else scheduled to do, many children find it challenging to fill up their spare time. This summer, you’ve probably heard your child say “I’m bored” at least once.[…..]

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