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Only At North Raleigh

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools the competition is fierce. So what makes families choose Chesterbrook Academy and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtNorthRaleigh. Let us tell you more.

Dolphin Pride

At Chesterbrook Academy Raleigh Elementary, Dolphin Pride runs throughout our community! Standing for Positive leadership, Respect, Integrity, Dedication to kindness, and Excellence, school spirit radiates through our halls every day. Each morning, we do the pledge over the announcements. This is a chance for us all to reiterate that Raleigh is a tight knit community that is dedicated to raising future leaders. Not only do we appreciate our students and their accomplishments, but we also appreciate our staff and all they do to make

Our Special Projects
Hispanic Heritage
Hispanic Heritage Celebrations at Raleigh are an exhibition of diversity and the growing Hispanic community in our country. From indulging into Hispanic cultures with churros to collaborating with the music and drama department with choreographed dance and a mariachi band, we want to show our love for the many colors of the world.
Book Character Parade
Our Book Character Parade brings stories to life. Students will pick a book or story, read it, and pick their favorite character. Typically around Halloween, the whole school will bring in the book and dress up for a parade to showcase their love of reading and bringing their chosen character to our very own community.
Field Day
Our annual field day is a great way for us to show our Dolphin Pride and get active! Field Day is campus wide, allowing our students and staff to relish in the amazing nature campus we have. We use the picnic tables, amphitheater, and sport courts to do loads of fun games. The day kindles school spirit, team work, leadership, and a love of the outdoors.
Reading Buddies
Once a month, older students get together with younger students to participate in Reading Buddies. Reading Buddies is a way for our older students to make connections with the younger ones, while instilling a love of reading. It acts as a great way for all our students to not only learn and strengthen their literacy skills, but also connect with individuals they may not normally interact with and provide mentorship and friendship.
Outdoor Oasis

Our campus is truly an outdoor oasis. Only at Raleigh Elementary will you find a school surrounded by abundance of natural beauty. Our amphitheater, sport court, and playgrounds are a secluded haven where learning thrives. Whether it be using the amphitheater as an outdoor classroom for regular classes or the sport court for physical education, learning doesn’t stop when you leave the building. We try to take our students outside as much as possible. The amphitheater not only serves a classroom, but also a stage where students put on performances, strengthening their public speaking and leadership skills.

Music lessons
Outdoor Exploration
Swinging on the playground
Performing experiments in nature
Our Amphitheater
Outdoor STEM Learning
PE on the sport courts