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November News

A Message from the Principal: We hope your children enjoyed their fall lessons, pumpkin themed activities and classroom celebrations last month. Seeing our students enjoy their Halloween costumes and fall attire is one of the highlights of the year for us. Thank you for allowing us to be part of…
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June News

A Message from the Principal: For the past few months Ms. Heather, our camp counselors, and our teachers have been busy planning special activities to make this summer fun and memorable. This month marks the beginning of our Connect to Summer curriculum enhancement camp for our preschoolers, and our Summer…
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May News

A Message from the Principal: Thank you all for helping our school celebrate Earth Day last month. Together students at our school released over 15,000 lady bugs!! Celebrating Earth Day as a community provides our teachers with many opportunities to relate science, math and literacy concepts to everyday life. As…
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March News

A Message from the Principal: February was a great month at our school! We held several family events and truly appreciate all those who participated. In anticipation of spring, our teachers are busy planning meaningful learning activities that will help students gain an appreciation for the changing seasons. In order…
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February News

A Message from the Principal: The Polar Vortex hit everyone pretty hard and we won’t be sad to see it go! What an end to January! Hopefully we will have a slightly warmer February! Please remember to bring your child/ren weather appropriate changes of clothes as well as provide a…
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