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January Newsletter

January Newsletter 2016

Happy New Year!

All of us at Chesterbrook Academy are looking very forward to the New Year!  We start out the year with some new faces  in a few of our classrooms.  We welcome our new families.  Many exciting activities are planned as well, so please check out the activity calendar on the lobby board or on our website www.Estelle.chesterbrookacademy.com you can also find our menu and other important information here.  Many of you should be receiving emails from the office with numerous updates and reminders.  If you are not receiving my emails please let me know as soon as possible.

January is also a time for us to find out how our families like coming to our preschool.  Beginning in the first two weeks of the month a link to a Parent Survey will come to your personal email from our marketing department.  This survey allows parents to give feedback about the school.  The parent survey results assist me in knowing what our families like and dislike; and in turn allow us to continue to grow in a positive direction.  Please complete the survey as I welcome all feedback, so we can continue to make Estelle Drive Chesterbrook Academy an outstanding preschool.

One of the big activities planned for January 20th is our very First Annual International Night from 6 to 7:30 pm.  We know there are many cultures represented in our preschool and we would love to have your help.  If any family would be willing to chat with me about International Night and sharing information about your cultural background please see me as soon as possible.

Playground update!  I just received news  that the definite demolition and installation of our current two playground areas will take place spring of 2016.  As soon as the ground warms, construction will begin.  I am very excited to bring you this news; as I know that the improvements of the play areas are long overdue.  Along with the playground improvements we are having a new roadside sign installed as well.  We look forward to having quite an elaborate ribbon cutting ceremony to dedicate our new playground in the spring.

The office staff would like to remind our families of a few housekeeping items:

*Please sign your child in and out each day in the binder next to the parent mailboxes

*Check you parent mailbox folder everyday

*Check your email every day for emails from the office

*Please return all necessary paperwork that needs updated for your child’s file in a timely manner (please understand that our preschool is governed by the Department of Human Services and there is certain paperwork that needs updated on a bi-yearly and yearly basis to ensure state licensing polices are being followed.  If we do not follow them we risk losing our license and risk not having a preschool for your child to attend.)

* Please remember to check your child’s cubby each and every day as well

Our next Open House for new families is on Saturday, January 23rd from 10 to 1 PM.  We welcome our current families to refer and let co-workers, friends, and family know about this open house.  For any new family that enrolls with us as of this week and starts by February 8th, could qualify for a $500.00 scholarship.  If our current families refer a family and they enroll you could earn free tuition.  Fliers and certificates are by the parent mailboxes for any current family to have and to share.

Update on winter weather procedures!  Although the temperatures and weather have been mild so far this winter, the snow will be coming eventually.  In preparation of this I wanted to remind families to please check a few places for any correspondence from the school concerning two hours delays, early closings or all day closings.  Families can check the WGAL website under letter C and Channel 8 WGAL station for weather alerts please look for our location Estelle Drive.  Families will also receive an email blast in early morning hours from the school alerting of any changes made to the school schedule; as well as alerts on our school website www.estelle.chesterbrookacademy.com   If the preschool would close early while children are at the school, all of the above would occur as well as phone calls made to parents on that specific day.

Reminder of our sick policy; if your child was sent home ill, he or she may not return for 24 hours, and may not exhibit any symptoms they had the previous day.  (Fever, vomiting, diarrhea)  Your child must be fever free for that amount of time without medication.  Please refer to your Parent Handbook for this documentation.

Thank you for all of the wonderful Holiday treats last month, all of our families are truly amazing!

Happy New Year!

Wendy A. Musser, Principal

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