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October Newsletter



Welcome to Chesterbrook Academy and our monthly Newsletter!autumn-20clip-20art-autumn-wreath-th-1

This is one of my favorite seasons;  Fall.  I love the colors, sounds, changing weather and all of the excitement the season brings.

Welcome to new parents as well as returning students.  Our student base is forever changing;  students join us from throughout the country as well as the world.  Our local students have the experience of sharing their classrooms with children of different cultures and customs.  Languages are plentiful and our non-English students learn English very quickly

At Chesterbrook Academy we have monthly events and news for parents.  Communication comes through Tadpoles, e-notify and our webpages.  In addition, throughout the school there are signs and notices of the many events and happenings at our school.  Let us take a look at some of the events for the month of October.

This month we will be having Parent/Teacher Conferences.   We assess daily, however 3 times a year we invite you to discuss the results of  the Links to Learning, Curriculum Assessment.

Our local, Palm Beach Gardens Fire Department will visit along with the Fire Truck to teach children about the importance of fire safety.  This month is Fire Prevention Month.  Students have a chance to experience the firefighters, ride….climbing up on the firetruck and if lucky a chance to hear  the siren sound!

Here, at Chesterbrook Academy, Palm Beach Gardens, included in our schedule are fundraisers.  This month Yankee Candle will be our focus.  We love the familiar scents that permeate the school.  Please look for this information in your child’s folder and display in the school lobby.

In addition, you are invited to join us for the Annual Trunk or Treat Event.  It takes place on Friday, October 28th.  Decorate your trunks, dress in your costume and join us for Trick or Treat, play and games, food and prizes.

There will also be a Halloween Parade on October 28th.  Costumes and Class Parties will follow.  Check with your lead teacher about the schedule.  The parade begins at 10 am.

The Parent/Referral Program is a great savings to you.  Just refer a family/families and if they enroll you reap the benefits of saving on tuition…the more referrals, the better the savings.

Best Regards,

Ms. Jennifer


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