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August News

August!  Can you believe it?  The summer has been just flying by.  The teachers and children have been enjoying their Summer Camp activities and studies.  I have been so impressed by their creativity and collaborative projects.  From the time you enter the hallway you know you are being transported to a different world.  Whether it be the tropical world of a jungle or a forest, the children have enjoyed their adventures.  Each room has done some pretty amazing things.

The School Age Campers have studied the National Parks.  They made a lighthouse out of paper mache’ to represent the one standing in Acadia National Park.  They captured the essence of Arches National Park in their renderings of the different rock formations.  To make singing around the campfire a little more realistic, they created a replica of a campfire and added LED lights to make the tissue paper flames look real.

The Preschoolers have had just as much fun with their own projects.

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