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Our School

Our Mission

The mission of Chesterbrook Academy Elementary in West Chester is to create an educational environment that develops 21st century learners through the collaborative efforts of parents, faculty and students. By customizing their academic and social experience, we engage students in authentic learning opportunities designed to foster their ability to become well rounded individuals in school, at home and in their community.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in developing successful 21st century learners.
  • We believe that providing a safe and nurturing environment allows students countless opportunities for risk taking, creativity, independence, and self-expression.
  • We believe that each child is a unique individual whose strengths and interests should be nurtured, respected, and encouraged.
  • We believe that the collaboration between parent, teacher, and student leads to the development of the whole child.
  • We believe that parent involvement helps develop a strong sense of community.
  • We believe that education is an ongoing process and we are all lifelong learners.
  • We believe in customizing instruction to reach all students’ learning styles and abilities.
  • We believe that building positive character traits will help students become successful citizens in the home, school, and community.
  • We believe that students should be provided with authentic, integrated learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum.
  • We believe that involving students in leadership and community service projects helps build strong global awareness.

From the Principal

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School in West Chester. I want to take this opportunity to share with you some important information about our school.

Since 1998, our school has focused on providing personalized academic instruction while incorporating 21st century skills such as communication, creativity and collaboration. Our goal is to educate and introduce our students to skills and experiences that will make them successful today and tomorrow.

Our teachers create learning opportunities that require problem-solving and critical thinking, are project-based, and expose students to different cultures. Our teachers take into account the learning style, interests and motivators of each child when planning their lessons. In our dynamic classroom environment, the teaching and learning process is ever-changing. On any given day, students may be debating real-world events, working collaboratively on group projects, or conferencing one-on-one with their teacher.

There is a wide recognition that American students will need broader and deeper STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education to compete in the global economy. Beginning in kindergarten, our students experience STEM education through challenging and fun projects that encourage collaboration, decision making and innovation. As part of our 1 to 1 iPad® environment, every student has the opportunity to use a iPad mobile digital device to engage interactively with content and easily access information. Our school was also recognized as an Apple Distinguished School in September of 2018. Click here to view our interactive ebook or here (Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School, West Chester, PA) to check out a PDF version.

Students receive the best possible education when parents are involved. For this reason, we offer many convenient ways to stay in touch with us, including school newsletters, classroom web pages and teacher email. We are proud to say that effective communication among parents, teachers and staff is a way of life at our school.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a private tour so that you and your child can experience the family-like atmosphere at Chesterbrook Academy. I look forward to meeting with you to gain an understanding of your child’s educational needs, and discuss how we can work together to meet them. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to see some of the exciting activities going on at our school.


Joe Rodia
Head of School, Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School

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