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Our core curriculum combines academic rigor with innovative approaches to learning, creating an environment where students thrive. Our curriculum exceeds national standards, and our personalized approach to learning creates a student experience that sets us apart. The interplay of rigorous academic content, high-impact instruction, personalized learning, and learning mindsets connect to create this robust experience for our students.


Rigorous academic content refers to our standards-based curriculum and carefully selected materials and assessments. Our teachers ensure the classroom experience prepares students for success at the next level of their educational journey.

High impact instruction includes essential teaching practices that redefine the learning experience through technology integration, small group instruction, and authentic project-based learning. Regular progress monitoring supports real-time instructional adjustments to ensure student success.

Learning mindsets support student emotional and academic growth. Teachers and leaders create a culture of thinking and high expectations. Cultivating a growth mindset in our schools helps students build resilience and persist when faced with academic and social challenges.

Personalized learning is a hallmark of our school, and refers to a learning ecosystem in which the instructional approaches are optimized for the needs and interests of each learner. Learning objectives and student goals are driven by data, standards, and student voice and choice. This provides for a rich student-teacher partnership as an integral part of the learning process.