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November Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office It looks like fall is officially here; the days are definitely chillier and feel a lot shorter!  The time change doesn’t seem to help the matter any, just confuses the internal time clock.  We will be quite content to take the current weather over what we…
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October Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office The temperatures have cooled and we are hoping they stay right where they are for a while; we aren’t in any rush for winter weather with early snow like we had last year.  The children continue to go outside daily as long as it isn’t raining,…
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September Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office The fun of summer activities is over and the children are on to the fun of learning lots of new skills and taking part in lots of new experiences.  As nice as the relaxed feel of summer is, it is always good to get everyone back…
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Janaury 2019 Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Happy New Year!  We wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2019!  We enjoyed having you and your child as a part of Chesterbrook Academy during 2018 and we look forward to continuing your child’s early education during 2019! We are continuing to move forward in…
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December Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office We are on the downside of 2018 with just a few weeks left to the year.  The year brought lots of new faces and many challenges and successes to the children and school.  We appreciate all of the support our families have given us during the…
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