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March Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office It is hard to believe we are starting the third month of the year already!  The children had a great time with their Valentine’s Day parties!  Thank you to all the parents who helped with the parties or were able to attend!  We also had successful…
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February 2020 Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Things are moving right along here at Chesterbrook Academy!  We recently switched out a couple of classrooms and moved children to new classrooms, so everyone is getting settled into the new rooms, new teachers and new friends.  We appreciate your understanding during the changes…short term inconveniences…
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January Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office Happy New Year!  We hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2020! We made it through the holidays and have gotten settled into our normal classroom routines.  Except for a couple bouts of nasty weather, the children have been enjoying the unseasonal temperatures.  It is always…
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December Newletter

From the Principal’s Office We are on the downside of 2019 with just a few weeks left to the year.  The year brought lots of new faces and many challenges and successes to the children and school.  We appreciate all of the support our families have given us during the…
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November Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office It looks like fall is officially here; the days are definitely chillier and feel a lot shorter!  The time change doesn’t seem to help the matter any, just confuses the internal time clock.  We will be quite content to take the current weather over what we…
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