How We’re Keeping Our School Safe

The health and safety of our children and families is always our highest priority. That is why we have been working diligently to continue creating a safe and fun learning environment for our students.

A recent study by Yale University confirmed that childcare centers practicing safety protocols do not pose an increased risk of spreading COVID-19 in their communities. As a reminder, below are the health and safety measures we’ve implemented based on CDC guidelines, state and local regulations, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. We will continue to update as necessary.

Health Checks

We screen temperatures of all staff and children. Anyone with a temperature of at least 100.4 degrees or showing other signs of illness is not permitted to enter the facility. If a child becomes ill during the day, they will stay in a separate area while awaiting pickup.

Safe Distancing

Staff are the only adults permitted to enter the building. Pick up and drop off take place outside the facility. Seating areas are spaced a minimum of six feet apart and swimming and field trips are currently suspended.

Facial Coverings

All staff members wear facial coverings while caring for children. Children wear facial coverings where required.


We continue our focus on handwashing and disinfecting throughout the day. Staff wear disposable gloves for serving food, changing diapers/toileting, etc.


Meal safety guidelines vary by state and may involve serving individual portions instead of family style or requiring that food be brought from home.


Teachers place nap mats head to toe, not face to face. Each child’s bedding is stored separately and sent home for washing frequently.