What is Pre-K 2?Pre-K 2 is a program designed for children who have completed Pre-K but missed the kindergarten cut-off due to their birth dates. Families often choose this option to provide their child with an extra year of preschool, fostering enhanced social-emotional skills, academic growth, and kindergarten readiness.

Unlike other preschool programs, students who want an additional year of Pre-K do not end up repeating the same curriculum twice. Our Links to Learning Pre-K 2 curriculum is meticulously crafted to delve deeper into fundamental skills and concepts. It also provides additional time to practice essential kindergarten etiquette skills such as sharing, taking turns, and following classroom instructions and routines.

It’s not about “catching up” – it’s about building a strong foundation that propels your child toward a successful educational journey. Below, we outline some learning outcomes between our Pre-K and Pre-K 2 programs, offering insight into the tailored growth and development opportunities for your child.

Language and Literacy

  • Pre-K: Understands letters and the letter/sound relationship.
  • Pre-K 2: Reads simple sentences.

Mathematical Thinking

  • Pre-K: Counts and recognizes numerals 1-50.
  • Pre-K 2: Recognizes numerals 1-100.

Social-Emotional Learning

  • Pre-K: Plays cooperatively with peers and shows concern towards the feelings of others.
  • Pre-K 2: Labels emotions in self and others and shows concern towards feelings of others.

Creative Expression

  • Pre-K: Identifies different forms of visual art and artists.
  • Pre-K 2: Participates in discussions around different forms of visual art and artists.

Scientific Exploration

  • Pre-K: Participates in science experiments and makes predictions.
  • Pre-K 2: Uses knowledge and experiences to design solutions to a problem or need.


  • Pre-K: Engages in complex body movements, promoting gross muscle development and balance.
  • Pre-K 2: Performs complex body movements with more automaticity.

Citizens of the World

  • Pre-K: Understands that families and individuals have unique characteristics.
  • Pre-K 2: Shows awareness that each person has unique personal characteristics, abilities, and different ways of communicating.

If you’re interested in learning about how our Pre-K 2 curriculum can help your child grow, learn, and thrive, find a school today.