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Welcome, to the New School year!  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and you are all looking forward to a fun and educational year.

I’m very excited to be bringing in the 2015-2016 school year as your new Principal and I want to thank everyone who joined us for our Back to School and End of Summer Picnic; it was great to see everyone. During our Back to School Night we were delighted to have a few guests from the Seeing Eye; this even included some puppies in training. These adorable puppies helped us in announcing our great accomplishment of reaching our goal of raising $5,000. We all have been working so hard the past few years to reach this goal and the children have been eagerly waiting to name a puppy.  I hope most of you were able to place your vote for your favorite puppy name; there were some great names to choose from.  However, I am excited to announce our winning puppy’s name is Chestnut.  Thank you everyone that has supported and helped throughout the years with this service project.

Don’t delay! We are currently enrolling children for our Music and The Jr. Gymnast Program.  If your child has recently come home very excited and talking about Mr. Dave, he was recently here to do a show for everyone.  Mr. Dave will be here every Tuesday from 9:30-10:00 and he would love to have your child join his program.  The Jr. Gymnast program starts children as early as 18 months. You will see them here every Thursday afternoon. If your child loves running, jumping, and tumbling this is the perfect program.  Please let us know if you would like any further information.

With Summer Camp over and school back in full force this week, please don’t forget to check the parent boards and learning boards to see all the fun and exciting activities happening.


Hope everyone’s new school year is off to a great start!



Katie Ristine





“Moving on is simple.  It’s what we leave behind that’s hard.”


This September comes with mixed emotions for me.  As many of you know I have accepted a position at our Limerick Chesterbrook Academy on Lewis Road.   After being here at the Royersford Chesterbrook Academy, since October 1996, this is a very bitter sweet transition that I will be making.   This being my last formal communication via newsletter to you as the families here at Royersford, I just wanted to say Thank you for your continued support through the years.  This growth opportunity in my career could not have happened without your dedication and support.  While we won’t be seeing each other on a daily basis, I will be visiting, please feel free to keep my e-mail, as I would love to receive updates on how your family is doing and receive pictures of all of the children as they continue to grow.

Over the next few weeks I will be transitioning more to my new school making me less visible here at the Royersford location.  We are looking at a date of September 25, 2015 being my last official day here in our school.  Please continue to welcome Miss Katie as the new principal, and hopefully in the next few days we will be able to announce to you our new Assistant Principal.




Donna Baus


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