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April 2016 News

Dear Families,

Have you ever wondered where the “April showers bring May flowers” phrase may have come from?  The phrase “April Showers Bring May Flowers” goes all the way back to the mid 16th century. A poet and farmer named Thomas Tusser wrote the book A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry and in April Section, the following poem was written: “Sweet April showers do Spring May flowers.”  Patience through the most unpleasant times, like April showers, will eventually lead to beauty, like May flowers, is what he meant. As our language changed, so did how we said this old proverb, but the meaning never changed. So just remember this on those rainy Spring days. (Envirokids’ Club)

Last but not least, a friendly reminder that the weather is changing, yes cooler/warmer.  Please make sure your child has appropriate outside wear along with a seasonal change of clothing (please check the size as they might have grow a few inches within the last six months).

As always, thank you for partnering with us for the academic growth and overall success of your child.  It is our goal that they do their very best each and every day.

Alison Simmons, Principal

Jessica Ortiz, Assistant Principal


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Extra Curriculum Enrichment Programs:

Open Enrollments for Ongoing Enrichment Programs:


  • Excite Soccer – Spring 2016WEDNESDAYS!  Soccer lessons.  Students will be encouraged to develop their mental, physical, and social abilities through creative soccer games and other activities taught by highly experienced staff for over thirteen years.

Friendly Reminders:

Communication – We invite you to please check your child’s folder or cubby daily for any updates or important information.

EOM – End Of Month Folders go home the last week of every month to share all the fun activities your child did for the month and to share information regarding the upcoming month. Please do not forget to bring the folder back to be refilled for the upcoming month (please return folder empty to the teacher). Thank you!

Cubby Items – Please keep an appropriate extra change of clothes in your child’s cubby at all times including socks and an extra pair of shoes, if possible. Please remember that Friday is “Show and Share Day;” we invite our friends to bring a special toy or item that they would like to share with their classmates on Friday only.  Please be sure to keep toys and special items at home so that they do not get lost or broken.  A special nap time love is ok!

Sign in/out – Please sign in/out your children when dropping them off and picking them up.

For Parents

Tax Statements: If you need a tax statement, please email Ms. Alison at Alison.Simmons@nlcinc.com, This statement will include the total year expenses paid and tax identification number.

Parent Referral: All parents want the very best education possible for their child. If you think your family has that, spread the word and become a Chesterbrook Academy Ambassador!

If there’s one thing parents love to do, it’s talk about their children’s successes. Whatever glowing reports you deliver about how your child is growing with his or her education, we couldn’t be more appreciative. In fact we’d like to show you just how thankful we are for your endorsements. Now when you tell other parents about our school, you can become a Chesterbrook Academy Ambassador.

For every new child you refer who enrolls at our school for three months, you’ll receive an Ambassador Certificate for a FREE week of tuition for your child. It’s our way of saying thanks for doing what comes naturally – singing the praises of your child and sharing your experiences with the Chesterbrook Academy difference.

Nut-Free School
We would like to remind our families that we are a PEANUT AND NUT FREE SCHOOL. We have many children with severe nut allergies. Please make sure to talk to your child’s teachers before bringing any special treats including field trips.


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